With our Professional Mixing service we will turn your tracks into radio ready, commercially viable tracks, this will help you get attention from record labels and give the best first impression possible, this is especially important if you are looking to get signed to a record label or want to submit your music to the press. We always listen to your feedback carefully and respond to your needs, making sure you are happy throughout the mixing process until the final mix delivery.


We use our hardware and software to get your tracks up the right level, at the same time we don’t believe in mastering music extremely loud, there is a sweet spot… we are interested in improving translatability on all sound systems from the smallest radio speaker to a full on club system. There is an option for CD creation, we always send you multiple file formats for final delivery including WAV, FLAC, MP3 and DDP files.

Session Guitar

Ben can offer his guitar playing services, as a guitarist with 15 years experience, playing in lots of bands both live and in the studio, the guitar playing is designed to fit around you and your needs for the particular project you are working on, he is proficient in all styles including pop, rock, metal, jazz, classical and funk . He is trained to grade 8 level on his instrument as well as grade 8 music theory.

He owns a collection of Classical, Steel String and Electric Guitars including multiple guitar amps and pedals, listed here


Providing a fast and efficient audio editing service; including fades, cross-fades, tuning in vocals, noise reduction and spectral editing for restoration. We will edit your tracks so they are ready to be professionally mixed. Attention to detail is what matters here! As standard we label all tracks so they are clear and easily understood. We will spend as long as it takes to get you the most natural sounding transparent results possible, guaranteed.


We can record singer/songwriters, acoustic soloists and singers, but do not have space for a full band, we have a selection of high end microphones listed on our gear page. Our room is acoustically treated with QRD diffusion and lots of bass traps. If you want to record a drum kit, we can hire out other studios with bigger rooms where we will record your band for the day, this usually means booking at least an 8 hour day, dependant on your budget. We try and keep this as affordable as possible for you! contact me for more details.

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I can offer each individual service as one thing, or a combination of them all.